Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nothing is more fragile than the male ego

Holy over reaction MRAs
I own a male tears mug. It s the second of it's kind that I have owned as the first one was smashed when Stirfry decided to push it off the table a few months back which led to me discovering that you can indeed buy tiny fedoras for cats.
Both of these mugs were bought for me by my cisgendered, white, straight, male fiancĂ©, remember that, it'll become important later in this post. 

Nom nom nom

So it began with a couple of very odd comments on Instagram and Tumblr from guys who described themselves as "antifeminist" commenting that "male tears" are actually semen, now call me a hypochondriac if you want but if I had spunk coming out of my tear ducts I would see a doctor.

Name removed because I screen shotted this so I could post it to my Fetlife photos, and Fetlife doesn't allow posting people's usernames.

Then it just started to get weird. I posted a photo of my mug on Fetlife (basically Facebook for the BDSM scene), I also have a note on my profile that talks about my identity as a feminist (TL;dr I don't hate men in general, just the crappy ones, but I hate crappy people regardless of gender, I don't like SWERFS or TERFS because I feel like they're missing the point of feminism and while certain kinks are not for me, so long as the people involved are consenting I don't see a problem) and this landed in my inbox.
So male domination is fine, but the vaguest hint of femdom? ALIENATING MEN!
Feminism is fine so long as it doesn't upset the men that hold a majority of positions in government and business? 
Pretty sure we can cope without the help of someone who freaks out quite so much over a mug thanks.
TIL Male tears are neither tears or semen, they're mint tea.

Then this thing happened. So you'll remember that a couple of days back I uploaded a photo of me drinking fresh mint tea?
But of course my mug featured quite heavily in the picture, so this guy decides to bravely fight the dragon that is me by making a Kermit meme.
See the thing is, nobody actually wants to drink the tears of men, tears are salty and gross, and honestly I'd rather drink tea but the "male tears" thing?
It exists in parody, parody of the horribly misogynistic slogans, that women are constantly told to "lighten up" about used on men's apparel.
And the thing is, decent men who actually give a fuck about equality, realise this.
Mr "real equality egalitarianism" up there is currently freaking out that Rape Crisis is Missandrist because the women's helpline is 24 hour but the men's one is not.
Rape Crisis.
Who like most charities has limited resources and has to make make decisions about using them based on the ones that are used more often.
Equality y'all

Then came this guy

This guy commented that I was being sexist... Errrrrrm.

Pictured: Backpeddling on the Douchecycle.

I was so weirded out by the fascist guy that I posted the screenshot to Tumblr and this guy replied.
And while yes he did eventually give me an apology, I checked out his profile, all he does is troll the feminist tag.

And this is what happens when your straight, cis male, white fiancé buys you a male tears mug.

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