Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ahava Active Dead Sea Minerals Review

Legal Disclaimer: The gift set was sent to me free for the purposes of this review. All thoughts provided are my own honest opinions.

Just over month ago I was send a small gift set from Ahava Active Dead Sea Minerals via Blogs Release
According to their site, 

"Avaha Dead Sea Laboratories was founded to study the powerful rejuvenating minerals found in the Dead Sea.  Since then AHAVA has grown to become the definitive Dead Sea mineral beauty expert."

Which certainly sounds impressive.

Cute gift bag.

The gift set consists of a 100ml bottle of Dead Sea Osmoter Body Concentrate and 100ml tube of Deadsea Water mineral body lotion, and they come in a really cute pink bag that I'm probably going to end up re-using as a make up bag or something similar.

I had planned on doing this as a video review but I have been having some trouble with my video camera (which is part of why I haven't managed to do Schnauzevoll's Darkling tag either), so I'm very sorry for the poor quality before picture here. Anyway, around the time I took this photo I was having terrible trouble with my skin. You can probably make out that it was kind of blotchy in the picture.
Apparently the Osmoter can improve texture and tone and improve skin's hydration within four weeks, so I hoped that it would help mine.

Dead Sea Osmoter Body Concentrate

Both the Osmoter and the Lotion say body rather than face on them, however it's kind of hard to show changes on my body skin, so since they also say that they're approved for sensitive skin and are parabin free I also used them on my face as well as body.


The Osmoter is formulated with Brown Alge, Tahitian Monoi Oil, Moroccan Argon Oil and mild fruit acids. It does have a bit of a slightly salty, slightly fruity scent to it which is pretty nice.
One thing I will say is that the first couple of times I used it it felt a little strange on my skin, and I was a little bit worried that I was going to have an allergic reaction or something, but it turned out just fine, and after the first couple of applications it didn't feel weird again.

Mineral Body Lotion (top) and Osmoter (bottom)

The body lotion claims to increase skins moisture level and provide all day comfort. It smells pretty much the same as most good quality body lotions, and while it is very nice and I have enjoyed using it, I don't really see a huge amount of difference between it and most of the other body lotions I already own.

Again I'm really sorry about the difference in quality between the two photos, but here is how I looked after almost a month of Ahava products, my skin is looking a lot better, way more evened out and I have a nice healthy looking glow.
As for things you can't see, well my skin feels a lot softer, I did wonder if this was psychosomatic, but my fiancĂ©  also commented on it a couple of days ago, and he doesn't really pay too much attention to my beauty routine usually.

Overall I have very much enjoyed using both products, and there's a lot left so I will go on enjoying them. I'm just a bit sad I wasn't able to video review them.
If you're interested in trying them for yourself, check out Ahava's ebay store.

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