Friday, 4 September 2015

Kawaii International: Welcome To The Kawaii Universe, Population You!

Sorry about the photos of my TV!

At the weekend I was on another episode of NHK World's Kawaii International, and much like the first time it was a really great experience.
They were really lovely about me and what I do, so lovely in fact that I burst into tears watching it. After some of the things people have said about me (which in part lead to me being on Kawaii International in the first place), it was really nice to hear something positive.

Also in the episode were Katie who I met way back when I filmed that makeover show in London a few years back that never aired (although it is online, but I can't watch it or share it because I'm not a TV company, boo-urns) and Violet Le Beaux  who was one of the first people I ever interviewed for this blog, as well as a whole host of other people from around the world who are all super interesting.
I ended up finding a bunch of people who are featured in the episode on Instagram and Tumblr, because they're all so cool and I want to see what they're up too :)

In the episode it was mentioned that I'm trying to start my own brand, it's been a very long time coming with way more bumps and scrapes along the way than I'd hoped for, but I finally have the confidence, skills and resources to get Deathstyle up and running.
I'm hoping to have the etsy at the very least set up and ready to go by the end of the month. :)

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