Monday, 16 November 2015

Vlogvember Updates and Stuff

 I know I'm behind, I haven't forgotten, I actually have a couple of videos that I just haven't got around to editing yet because I've been having (unrelated) trouble with panic attacks and short term memory problems.
back in July I started having panic attacks and stress dreams about people dying, thankfully the dreams stopped fairly quickly but the panic attacks have remained and have been getting worse, I've also started having issues with my short term memory being a bit shit. I had one last week because I couldn't remember if I'd locked the door and I was scared my cat would get hurt, so I walked back up to my door, did what I thought was lock it and left, only to find out later when I came home that I'd actually unlocked it, which got me stressy again.
I've had on off panic attacks since I was 11, but they usually only last a couple of months max, or until I no longer have to deal with the stressful thing, however I've been unable to work out what has caused these ones and my usual coping mechanisms and breathing exercises are having no effect.
I saw a GP today who referred me on to the psychologists, who are going to telephone interview me next week to try and work out what is the best option for me, but obviously it's not going to be a quick fix.
I will hopefully manage to find the time to get back up to date with my vlogs because like I said I have some waiting to be edited and I have a bunch of ideas written down for other videos but I need to make sure I'm ok first.

Thanks for understanding.

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