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Legal Disclaimer: The item was sent to me free for the purposes of this review. All thoughts provided are my own honest opinions.

With Valentines Day coming up soon kindly sent me this Passion Clover Body to review. is one of the leading UK online Adult shops, aiming to cater for all of your needs from an adult shop regardless of your personal preferences, gender or sexuality.

Back of the box

With such a positive and inclusive message I was really looking forward to reviewing the company.

Firstly they promise discreet shipping, now I have heard that before from companies, I did once order something from China that arrived with "PERSONAL MASSAGE DEVICE" printed in huge letters across the box, so I was a little sceptical to say the least, 
So I'm quite pleased to say they lived up to that promise. 

Inner packaging

My package arrived in a plain brown box, with a Royal Mail Tracked label featuring my address and the company address, the company address makes no mention of, so if you have a nosey postman you needn't worry about finding out what you've been ordering!


Inside the brown box the body was inside another box that shows a photo of the product. The back of that box, shows the same photograph again in a smaller scale, along with some awards that the manufacturer Passion, has won. Inside is another black box, and inside that is product. 


The body itself is made from powermesh and stretch PVC, it fastens with a bra clasp style fastening under the crotch and a plastic clip behind the shoulders.


Now my next worry was fit. The site doesn't really have a sizing guide, and as a lot of people know women's clothes sizes can be a bit random, what is a medium in one store can be a large in another and a small in yet another. So I picked L-XL and crossed my fingers.
And well I lucked out.

I have no idea what my face is doing in this photo

Obviously I am not the same size or shape as the model on the box, not by a long shot, but the body still fits, still looks flattering and I still feel pretty confident enough to wear it, also my fiancé said it looked great on me, so if you are looking to buy something for Valentines and you / your partner is plus size then this could be perfect for you.

Half view

I do have a couple of issues though, firstly I have quite wide shoulders and I was unable to fasten the back clip, it's not a huge issue, as I think it looks fine without it, however if you do have wide shoulders and you do think the shoulder fastening is a big deal to you then maybe try going one size up from the one you were planning on ordering.
I also don't think that the bra clasp style fastening is really the best thing for everybody, if you or your partner struggles loosening those kinds of fasteners then this probably isn't for you, as I struggling with a clasp doesn't sound like my idea of a perfect Valentines evening.

Worn as part of an outfit

However, back to the positives of the Clover Body. Not only is it great as a piece of lingerie, it can also work pretty damn well as part of an outfit. Now obviously you do need a bit of confidence to get away with it, but honestly, I'd quite happily wear this as part of an outfit to a Goth/ Alternative music night.

Worn as a top.

So overall, it's pretty versatile. 
The quality is great, the price is great, great service, great packaging, and aside from a couple of minor details, I think this is a pretty great product and so I'd give it an 8/10.

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