Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Corset people will get the joke!

Yesterday I think I managed to grab bargain of the century.
About a year ago a corset and burlesque shop opened, and then quickly closed again before I ever got a chance to visit, which is a shame as they had an in house maker rather than just upselling Corsets UK stock like mostof the local goth shops around here do.

It does have two bows on the sides, however they came lose while I was wearing it so I need to put in a couple of stitches.

Anyhow, I was reliably informed by another corset fan I know that some of the liquidated stock from that shop had ended up in one of the goth shops.
So I had a very interesting afternoon trying on very curvy, hand made corsets that had labels on them for one third of the price of the mass produced corsets on the next rail.

And so I ended up with this beauty, and while it does have a couple of flaws (it's quite wrinkly and the binding at the bottom doesn't meet properly), it's still rather pretty, and feels really nice on. :)

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