Thursday, 10 March 2016

7. Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away.

Ever had a scratch that you thought if you ignored it would get better decide to get infected, actually get worse and you end up on antibiotics?
So why do people assume that ignoring people that make you feel bad will make them go away?
Probably the worst piece of advice I've ever heard, and I have been hearing over and over again since I was a child is that if you are being bullied you should ignore the bully and they will go away.
In my experience they don't go away, they just keep going, but the other problem is if they do leave you alone, what then? They've learned nothing and just move onto someone else.
Now obviously every situation is different, but personally I prefer to confront bullies wherever possible, I call them out and I refuse to accept that kind of treatment, but I don't ignore, 
ignoring a situation won't change it, and I don't know who they'll move onto next, they might not be able to handle it as well as me and I wouldn't want that on my conscience. 

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