Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Probably My Greatest Artistic Work

This popped up as a Facebook memory for me a few days back, yes, yes it is Gary Numan with a Baby the Stars Shine Bright bow badly photoshopped onto his head.
Kind of a weird one really (no shit).
So six years ago I caught someone who claimed to be my friend not so anonymously posting rubbish about me online, I had suspected her for a while because she had pretty bad dyslexia, and whoever it was that was posting about me kept misspelling a lot of the same words as she often miss spelled, but part of me hoped I was wrong, and that maybe it was just a very committed troll trying to frame her.
I found out for certain it was her when she posted about me to the old Lolita secrets comm (the one from before Behind the Bows), it was a screencap of photo I'd posted to Facebook and some comments people had left on it (all nice), she'd written something crappy over the top, I don't remember exactly what but something about how I was ugly and should leave the fashion, the way I realised for sure it was her though was because she used google chrome as her browser and forgot to trim out her favourites bar.
Obviously I coudn't stay friends with someone who would stab me in the back like that, and so we cut contact.

The secrets about me stopped for a while, that was until I stopped moping and started doing fun stuff with my life. I did Snog, Marry, Avoid and went to a lot of really awesome gigs and got photos with people in bands and blogged about it.
In amongst that period of awesome Kev interviewed Gary Numan after we'd been running around York all day at DV8 Festival, honestly I looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards by this point in the day, but I got to listen to Gary Numan wax lyrical about music and how much he liked lego, and why he quit flying, and I had to get a photo with him.

The following week over half of the secrets in Loli secrets were about me, most of them not even related to lolita fashion, there were photos of me at the end of gigs with my make up melting down my face, but I was hugging someone from a band or something and I was still so thrilled by the whole getting to meet my heroes thing that I didn't care I looked like I'd been fished out of a river (I still don't actually but for different reasons), it was the one above that made me finally stop being upset by these secrets and realise just how ridiculous this whole thing was. I would never claim to be perfect, but I didn't put people down, this was a photo of a great day and someone, maybe my ex friend, maybe someone else, had trimmed it down to make me look as bad as possible and accompanied it with their hypocritical, judgemental bile.
And so instead of commenting and getting a ton of "anonymous" messages back, I photoshopped a Baby the Stars Shine Bright bow onto a photo of Gary Numan looking a bit pissed off and anonymously submitted it to the next week's secrets. Nobody understood but me,but they didn't really need to.
Since then this has become a bit of a running joke with one of my besties, a few years back a postcard site had a promotion where you could send out free postcards with any image on them to people, and we both sent each other bow Gary and creeped out our respective postmen.

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