Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Imperial War Museum

It's a really beautiful building in the middle of a park

On Saturday we decided to do some tourist things and went to The Imperial War Museum. I'd been before when I was a kid, and as an adult I was a little worried that it might rely on cliché and glorify war.

Dorothy Lawrence as Private Denis Smith

It was actually pretty good though, there was a lot about the wider impacts of war, and even an exhibit of anti-war artwork (unfortunately couldn't take photos in that one).

Children's Gas Mask

A mantra I can live by

This one to.
Although it was great that something from Stop the War Coalition was in the museum, there was no mention of how the media tried to smear the group five or so years ago and tried to claim that they were funding terrorism (which was completely unfounded).

The cafe was very overpriced, £3.50 for a tiny cup of Earl Grey! Still I mostly enjoyed the day.

Rose flavoured chocolate 

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