Monday, 2 May 2016

Birthday Nomz

At 1am on my birthday Kev treated me to a bottle of champagne in hotel 2 to celebrate turning 27.
It's kinda weird being 27, I don't generally feel much different to how I felt at 17, but I occasionally stumble accross something I posted on the internet ten years ago, and it's clear I'm a very different person now. It must have been a gradual change though as I didn't notice.

After a few hours sleep, I somehow ended up cooking my own breakfast, I did a pretty good job of it if I say so myself.

Later on in the day, Kev treated me to Black Forest Gateaux in Patisserie Valerie.
I know there's isn't a very accurate version of Black Forest Gateaux, but it's a lot like the version my granddad used to get when I was a little girl (although there is less kirsch!), and so whenever I have it I think about him. 

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