Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Fashion Collection

Take that anybody who says Victorian Underwear was always white.

On my birthday itself Kev took me to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the temporary exhibit Undressed.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to take photographs in that exhibit (which is such a shame everything was so beautiful), I couldn't even sketch anything, the museum actually made the papers because they have a sign that says you can't stop and sketch things in Undressed.

I loved the details on this dress

They do however have a pretty amazing permanent fashion gallery where you can take photos. I din't really see anything that took my fancy in the more modern outfits, but the Victorian, Edwardian, Regency and Georgian collections are amazing.

So pretty!

Just look at all of that detailing!

The collar of this dress is so cute!

You can't really beat a big hat!

Pretty lace collar

This really gorgeous jacket reminded me a little bit of the one Missy wears in Dr Who

Fantastic velvet coat

Detail shot!

I think I am developing a bit of a fetish for large sleeves

Winter jacket

Those sleeves again in all their glory!

Bustle era!

Fantastic tea dress

Bodice details

I'm not a huge fan of raised waists, I think they make everybody look kinda pregnant

I do however love the sleeve caps on this dress

The collar is pretty nice to


More fantastic sleeves, I wonder if this fabric inspired Laura Ashley's 1970's designs?

Dat Polonaise tho

Pretty hat machine

I see the lady brought a fischu 

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