Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bisexual Pride Day/Bi Visibility Day

Day 06 - A picture that inspires you

Way, way back in 2003/4 ( don't remember which), I was googling for Goth sites (even at 14 I knew that trip pants and a Slipknot hoodie didn't constitute as Gothic and so I turned to the internet for help...Hi remember when people still used gothmap and Writhe and Shine updated more than once a year?), anyhow I accidently came across this article that Morbid outlook article that makes people wince when you mention it...
I was curious and googled "Gothic Lolita" to see if I could find out more, and I came across Avant Gauche , and in their gallery I found the first photos I ever saw of Mana Sama, and I thought to myself "Wow, she's beautiful I want to look like her!"
Of course, now I know Mana is a guy, that doesn't change anything.

Now onto today's main topic.
Bisexual Pride day!

Now I thought I'd take this opportunity to try and dispel some of the myths surrounding Bisexuality.
A lot of people have a hard time coming out as Bi ( I know  did), because of the terrible stereotype that accompanies it.
  The stereotype people seems to associate with us is that we're promiscuous scene girls, with no morals who kiss other girls to impress guys we like.
While I'm sure that people like that do exist, in the majority of cases that stereotype couldn't be further from the truth.
Most Bisexual people I have met (myself included), are monogamous (which means we stick to having one partner) and those who aren't make sure everybody in the relationship know and is happy with the situation.
Another one is that Bisexual people are "not fussy" or "greedy".
Now I for one am the fussiest person I know, while everybody I knew was dating everybody and their mother in their teens I was finding flaws in almost everybody that tried to ask me out, yet still my "friends" called me greedy bitch.
I guess it's quite easy to come to that conclusion, after all this is how Bisexuality is displayed on TV and in the media.
Do you believe everything you see on TV though? You really shouldn't.
In short, do make assumptions about people based on who they find attractive.
Also, Happy Bi Pride day (or what's left of it) :)

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