Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Mmmmm Marmite *drool*

Day 05 - A picture of your morning
Two slices of marmite slathered toast and a cup of tea for breakfast mmmmm mmmmmm :)

I'm starting today's blog with a bit of an advertising fail.
In response to the keywords in yesterdays blog google has been throwing out this advert in the sidebar:

Children & Bereavement
Helping Children Cope with Death Watch the Free Video Now!

Now let me get this strait, I'm not saying helping people cope with the
 loss of a child is fail, 
however the gammar in that advert is certainly made of fail.
Am I the only one who read it in an innapropriate, shouty advert voice because 
of the exclaimation point?
C'mon Google, have some tact please...

So today I've been working on the editing for the photographs Bloodmyer took of me yersterday.
So far I have:

So now do you get where I was heading with those descriptions of my ideas yesterday?
That's Bloodmyer in the second image as my hoax spirit by the way. :)
In other news, in amongst the daily chores I've been watching Torrinpaige's youtube videos and now I REALLY want my hair to hurry up and grow!
I really want enough hair to be able to do this:

Seriously she does some amazing things to her hair... I have the jellous.

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