Tuesday, 21 September 2010

She that mourns

Day 04 - A picture of where you went today
Today I visited Bloodmyer, she made me tea, took some photos and showed me her amazing Decoden prototypes, hopefully I will have something of hers to review at some point because they truly are beautiful.
It was fun to chill out with my bestie for the first time in ages :D
As I said yesterday, she was going to take some photos for me to use in a Halloween themed photo competition.
My original idea was based on the both sweet and morbid Victorian practice of Post Mortem Photography.
In the early days of photography it cost an awful lot to actually have your photograph taken and most people weren't able to justify the cost during their lifetimes and so it became practice to have a photo taken of a loved one when they died.
I do find it very sweet that people wanted to remember their loved ones, but some of these images can be very moving.
The following link has quite a good collection of them for those who are interested (warning, a lot of the subjects are children, so if you are easily upset by that kind of thing please do not click):
For my second image I was inspired by early hoax "Spirit" photography
Almost as soon as photography became popular people found a way to exploit the vulnerable with it.
Not long after World War One ended hoax spirit photography became really popular.
The idea was that the camera could capture images of the mourner's deceased loved one(s) under certain conditions, in reality in most cases the negatives were double exposed.
Eventually a lot of these charletons were found out when mourners realised the "spirits" looked nothing like their loved ones, but often resembled the photographer's assistants.
There are some examples of this here:
I need to do some editing on the photos to make them look old (and to remove the shine from the baby's head) but I decided to share to preview images with you from today's shoot:

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