Monday, 20 September 2010

Shattered Illusions and art post

Day 03 - A picture of what you did today

Unfortunately today I have been putting the finishing touches to a letter of complaint.
I always find having to write letters of complaint saddening, but it's even more so when it's to people you put your trust in to help you with your future.
Some people are able to write such letters with smiles on their faces, not me though, I am just saddened and feel let down.
Anyhow I did end up leaving the house yesterday, we had to get some emergency things like bread, and ham for Kev's sandwiches, also picked up some batteries for my camera so from tomorrow I'll be taking my own blog photos, huzzah!
I'm off to see Bloodmyer tomorrow to take some photos for a Halloween themed Lolita competition, though more on that tomorrow.
I decided today to share a little of my art, not to much, just the pieces I am proudest of.

This one is "Queenie", one of my first forays into vector art, although I see room to improve, I still really like this image.

"Rococo Lady", one of the sister pieces that goes with "Queenie"

"Fetuscide", a fabric design (it still needs a little work before I make an actual print, some of the circles are still a little out. It was inspired in part by the Parisian and Prauge Vaults (a reproduction of the later can be seen in the Velvet Revolver video for Slither)

The initial ink drawing of "What Would Freud Say?" 

Simplified and almost ready to print.

Printed :D (we weren't able to print onto fabric for this project :( )

The fabric for a printed silk skirt I made (I still don't have decent photos of it finished)

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