Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ouch ouch ouch my poor leggies!

Day 02 - A picture of what you wore today

Haha yeah sorry, I'm not taking a photo of me in it. I am in massive amounts of leg pain right now so I can't see myself changing into anything else! Need to have a lazy Sunday.
So why am I in such pain?
In short, way to much dancing in seven inch heels!
The band didn't show up at Charnel House last night, as of right now we're not really sure why, but we suspect they must have gotten stuck in traffic somewhere (they did have to come a pretty long way), this did mean there was more DJ time though, and this week there was so much music played that I love!
Highlights included reducing Aaron to hysterics whilst doing Kate Bush impressions, Kev making everybody laugh doing his Death Metal Lady Gaga impression, and Bloodmyer and I doing the macerena to Temple of Love and actually managing to look quite serious this time! (There is a little bit of back story to this, I might tell it at some point).
Proof that I am totally still a student:
This morning I had two slices of cold Spicy Vegetarian (sans cheese) Pizza for breakfast. NOM NOM NOM!

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