Thursday, 30 September 2010

Catching up on blog posts

Day 08 - A picture of yourself

What nobody said I had to be the only person in the picture!
I'm a little behind with my blog at the moment (mostly because I was waiting for my boyfriend to upload this photograph), so I'm going to double post until I catch up.
The other day I discovered that Saturday does in fact have a  morning!
So Saturday morning Kev and I travelled to Nottingham for the Trashstock festival.
We travelled by train, then attempted to follow google directions to the B+B we were staying in that night...Aaaaand got totally lost and had to call a taxi...Whoops!
When we got there it turned out we had the smallest room in the world ever (it was pretty cold to), up some crazy stairs in the attic!
We were only in it the one night so that's not so bad.
After a quick freshen up we headed to The Central to see some bands :D
When we got there the first band (JD and the FCCs) were already on, so we grabbed a drink (mmmmm Pear Cider) and went to watch the rest of their set.
They sounded pretty good, their music isn't really something I'd deliberately go out and listen to, but it wasn't at all bad.
After them was a trek upstairs for the Jukebox Junkies, who I thought were pretty awesome.
They'd won a Battle of the Bands to be there, and they suffered a bit of a reduced crowd, presumably down to people having seen them three times already. Bit of a shame because as I say I really liked them and I wished they'd had more than a half an hour set.
After that it was back downstairs for Dead Identities, again not really a band I'd go out of my way to listen to, but they were pretty good.
Back upstairs (where the flooring didn't cause me as much back pain) for The Lost Souls Club and after a jaunt back downstairs it was time for Falling Red.
I've seen Falling Red before, and I really like their music.
They're very 80's inspired Motley Cruesque rock and or roll that always seems to get people jumping around.
After that Kev was supposed to interview Chris from Lord of the Lost, but this got pushed back half an hour and we didn't find out straight away, which is a bit of a shame because we missed the first half of The Rocket Dolls.
From what I saw of them they were pretty damn good, defiantly up there with my bands of the day, with a little bit of luck I could see them getting quite big actually.
Then it was straight back stage to talk to Chris :D
When Kev does something with the interview I will let you know, but for now I will say this is one of the funniest interviews I've sat in on!
Glitter flying everywhere (the rest of The Pleasures were sparkling themselves up in the background), lots of hushing in German (Kev was recording the interview) and silly answers :D
So after the interview and the quick photo up there (I've just noticed we look like pale skintone colour swatches in that one!), we headed back downstairs to catch the rest of The Eureka Machines.
Chris Catylst was certainly looking a lot less purple that when I saw him at Mera Luna with The Sisters of Mercy, shrouded in their famous cloud of purple fog!
Again Eureka Machines aren't really my cup of tea,  but what they did was good and people seemed to enjoy it.
Back Upstairs for Obsessive Compulsive, who were frikkin' amazing!
They reminded me a lot of The Distillers, when The Distillers were actually kinda good, but with their own sort of thing to. t's hard to describe but take my word for it, they were kick ass :D
Then back downstairs for The Pleasures.
Words cannot explain how awesome this band was!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making glitter cool again and saving it from the evils of Twiglet!
Admittidly, when I first heard that half of Lord of the Lost were also in a Glam band I did make a WTF? Face, but yeah I was suitable impressed (also their cover of Ballroom Blitz= amazingness).
I was in masses of back pain by this point so I ended up having to go for a sit down and missed half of The Glitterati set, but when we did go see the rest of them, I got the eerie feeling that I knew them from somewhere I just couldn't quite put my finger on where.
Next came the rush up to the front of the room to get a good spot for Lord of the Lost. I ended up infront of a speaker stack, which kin of hurt my ears a bit and gave me THE WORST COTTON EAR EVER when we left, but hells yeah it was worth it :D
This isn't by me but I found a little bit of camera-phone footage someone took of their version of Bad Romance (it has to be heard to be believed):

Then came the headliners, Acey Slade and the Dark Party.
Apart from the use of nylon guitar stings (nylon guitar strings are from the devil!), I really enjoyed Acey Slade and The Dark Party, Acey has pretty amazing stage presence, even off the stage!
 He tightrope walked along the safety barrier, climbed on top of the speaker stack that I was standing next to (thought's running through my head at the time: "Wow this is so cool! Please don't fall, please don't fall! Sooo cool! Dude how high must this guy's insurance be? PLEASE DON'T FALL!"), walked through everybody then got up on the bar and sung from over there for a while!
The poor tech guy looked like he was going to have a fit!
Again, not filmed by me but I found this footage from the night (including the drummer's beater falling off) on youtube:

Over all, I had a fabulous time, and it's an awful shame that there isn't going to be another Trashtock.

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