Thursday, 30 September 2010

Having animals in the family

Day 09 - A picture of what you had for lunch

Yeah I'm sorry, I ate my sandwich before I remembered that the next point on the list was "what you had for lunch".
If you're interested I had the last of some mushroom pate I bought in Nottingham in them.
Now onto the main topic of this post.
Pets, furbabies, fluffy siblings, whatever you want to call them, this post is about having animals in the family.
Now you've probably all heard the whole "a dog is for like and not just for Christmas" thing before, so it's not like what I'm about to post is going to be startling news or anything but if you're going to have an animal make sure you can look after it!
I was inspired to write this because for the past two days, next doors cat has been sat on the wall between our balconies yowling to be let in (I guess she must be going in at night to eat and sleep because she looks well fed and I don't hear her at night).
This is really starting to upset me. To me the sound of an upset animal is more heart wrenching than that of a crying child.
I can't help wondering why you'd bring an animal into your family if you were just going to let it sit outside and cry all day.
I'd let her in here for a while, but I think Stirfry would object, though I don't understand "cat" I'm pretty sure the yowling is upsetting him too.
So please people, if you're going to bring animals into your life, at least look after them, a cat is for life too.

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