Monday, 18 October 2010

New items from Lolita brands for the winter :)

Day 1: Your hair in it's natural state.

My entry today is about the new things from major brands in Lolita at the moment.
First up is Holy Night from Angelic Pretty:

I can't seem to decide if I love or hate this one. On the one had I really like the marching bandesque look of it, but I'm not so fond of the print, but then again it's not as sickly sweet as some of AP's recent prints...ARGH CONFUSING!
Next up is Take a walk with Usakumya-chan from Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
I'm not overly fond of sweet things, but I do like this, I love the coat and the heart handbag.
Apparently these will all be available in black, which I think will look better (I do like the coat in white, but I'd love to see the JSK in something other than pink...I don't do pink), no photos as of yet though.

Next up we have the lovely Atelier-Pierrot Trump print:

This, I ADORE, especially the blue/silver version.
I could see my wearing this a lot if I was to get one, definitely one for the wish list :)

Finally some new things from my favourite brand (someday I will own something by Moitie, some day!) Moi Meme Moitie:

I really like the dresses (moreso the black), and the jackets are nice too (I love that kind of Jacquard fabric :) ), the headresses and necklace look a little, well...Samey, although I suppose this means there will always be a version waiting for me when I do come into money.

To engage my readers a bit more I have decided to start asking you guys a question at the end of each post.
My question today is, what is your favourite new Lolita print?
Answers in the comments please :)

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