Sunday, 17 October 2010

The crazy, awesomeness that was Friday :)

Day 30 - A picture of you and your best friend
Bloodmyer and I at Pride back in July :)

On Friday Kev and  went to York to go see Luxury Stranger supported by Berlin Black.
We went by train and took advantage of the weird laws in the UK (it's not ok to drink alcohol on the streets but it's perfectly fine to drink it on a train :/ ).
The trip from Newcastle to York isn't very long, but when I stepped off the train I realised I'd made a pretty terrible footwear decision.
8 inch heeled boots may look pretty but do not cope well with cobbled streets :s
We made it though, I managed to hobble gracefully (HA!) to Stereo, where they have Hobgoblin on tap!
We stayed in the bar area for a little while (we ended up being super early).
When the doors to the other room opened we went in and the place looked fantastic (though smaller than I had imagined, the photos I'd seen of it looked huge), they'd really gone to town with Halloween décor (I was particurly impressed with with the flashing skulls).
The pre-gig music was a little odd, not bad odd (I liked pretty much everything played, but it just seemed like some pretty odd choices), Green Day into Depeche Mode into Pearl Jam...
Berlin Black were pretty awesome, I'd heard one or two of their songs before (Kev's been raving about them for months), but seriously live they were so good :D
They're kind of a hard one to describe musically, but they're one of those bands that don't neglect their drummer, this I like, nothing annoys me more than the same old, same old drum beat.
Luxury Stranger were good, I did enjoy them,but I think I preferred Berlin Black.
I guess maybe they sounded a little bit to Cure-ey for me (I don't much like The Cure), but I did enjoy them :)
The venue got kind of hot and I was wearing a wool dress so I ended up sitting out the encore on the floor.
We spent most of the rest of the night back in the bar area before running up the road for chip before the train (which was at a ridiculous platform considering it was a night train...FAIL!).

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