Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday Round up 3- Giging, and night trains and a month of blogging oh my!

Day 29 - A picture of yourself

This is one from last year when I didn't have much hair :)

This week:
Monday, I planed for Tuesday.
Tuesday, people attempted to pressure me into taking back my complaint about them, but I had an awesome day in Edinburgh with my mam to compensate :)
Wednesday, *le sigh* back to housework.
Thursday, again noting really that exiting.
Friday, went down to York to see Berlin Black and Luxury Stranger (my thoughts on this coming up soon)
Saturday was Falling Red and Sebastian Bach (thoughts about this, probably tommorow)
Today I didn't really get my lazy Sunday (everybody saw dawwwwww), Kev is working overtime so the alarm woke my up and I had to go buy food.

I have now been blogging for 30 days (I'm a day behind with my posts so I'll post another later on).
In that time I've had 278 page views,  I'm not sure if that's good or bad for a new blog, but it's certainly a lot more than I was expecting.
Thank you all (especially my two subbies), long may it continue. :)

Last little thing for this post.
This is the finalised list for my thirty day challenge for the next month:

Day 1: Your hair in it's natural state.
Day 2: Your hair waved
Day 3: Your hair in a Pony Tail
Day 4: Your hair in Pigtails
Day 5: Bubzbeauty inspired updo
Day 6: Your hair back combed
Day 7: Your hair in two English Plaits
Day 8: Your hair in wartime pincurls with a headscarf
Day 9: Your hair in two Rope Braids
Day 10: Fairytale braids
Day 11: Your hair in Big Bouncy Curls
Day 12: A weird 90's hairstlye I never did find the name of.
Day 13: Plaits at the front, backcomb at the back
Day 14: A Hime Hairstyle
Day 15: rag curls
Day 16: Your favourite hair accessories
Day 17: Your favourite hairstyle
Day 18: Your hair with falls
Day 19: Your hair with Princess Leia buns
Day 20: French Plait
Day 21: Miko hair adapted for heat free curls
Day 22: The hairstyle from Bloodmyer's Harijuku Girls video
Day 23: Hizaki hair adapted for heat free curls
Day 24: Bloodmyer's take on Hime Hair, adapted for heat free curls
Day 25: Riku hair- adapted for heat free curls
Day 26: Small "Lady Gaga" bow
Day 27: Mana Moix Dix Mois look hair
Day 28: Mana Malice Mizer look hair
Day 29: The Novella adapted for bumpit
Day 30: Fluffy Pigtails

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