Monday, 4 October 2010

On meeting one's heroes

Day 15 - A picture of yourself

This is me with Neil Buchanan!

I managed to theme my post and my photograph again today...HUZZAH!
Today, as you may have guessed I'm going to talk about meeting your heroes.
The common saying seems to be that you should never meet your heroes because they'll disappoint you, but thus far I've not found that.
Perhaps because I've never really gotten to the point of thinking of people as "god-like", there has always been a little point in the back of my head that has remembered as much admiration I have for someone, they are still human.
Things to remember are probably:
1. Try not to gawp.
To you someone might be an idol, but to them, well they're just them, and likely don't feel as special as you think they are, therefore gawping might creep them out a little.
2. Try not to say anything weird.
"You're my idol! It's wonderful to meet you!" probably sounds great, but "You're my idol! It's wonderful to meet you! OMG I LOVE YOU HAVE MY BABIES! MY BAAAAAAAAAAAAABIES GODDAMMIT!" probably doesn't. Try and think it over in your head before you say it, would it creep you out if someone said it to you? If yes, then don't say it. Try not to get over stressed about it though, there's nothing worse than rubber tongue (I'll explain later).
3. If it's at an event signing, remember that other people are there to so don't take the piss.
Asking to sign one or two items and having a photo taken is fine, asking for the person's entire back catalogue to be signed, a part of your body to be signed and a photo from every angle is taking the piss.
4.Try and be as polite and courteous as possible.
5. It's ok to get a little bit star struck. If you do get caught by "rubber tongue" try to smile, and if possible a squeaked  "thank you" probably wouldn't be frowned upon.

Of my own list of idols so far I have met:
(Sometime between 1998 and 2002), Kevin Phillips, back when he was kinda cool, ie playing for Sunderland and scoring goals...No photograph but I did get a case of "rubber tongue" and my grandma has a signed book :)
(2009) Rogue from The Cruxshadows.
A hug, and a photo :D

Haha, my hair in that one (it was still at the kind of "I can't really do much with this...OOOH HAIR GEL!" length)

Zoog and Amelia Arsenic from Angelspit.
Hugs, photos (yeah I'm not really sure what's going on with my face in the photo with Amelia either...HURP DE DURP!), I'm in the background of their vlog from Snderland (I can't find it right now, but it starts out with Zombie pigs, in the super quick flash around before Zoog talks to Spekulus if you don't blink you can see me and Kev :D), I held the door for them in Travel Lodge and had the most bizarre conversation about Harry Potter with Zoog the following morning (we stayed in the same hotel)

(2010) Rosie Lugosi from The March Violets (also known as Manchester's Lesbian Vampire Queen).
I kind of squeaked "Hello!" at her and took a photo of her with Kev.

And as you saw up there at the beginning of the post on Thursday I met Neil Buchanan of Art Attack fame (although his band Marseilles were pretty good to, but that's not what made him my hero).
Art Attack ran for 17 years, and inspired me into the world of art. I'm pretty sure I still have some half made paper mache (two parts water to one part glue!) creations somewhere at my grandma's house!
I defiantly made me one of these back in the day:

But of course I can't forget my biggest hero who saved me from the nightmare I was having last night:

:D Everybody saw awwwwww :)

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