Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Round up 4

This week has been less of a busy one than usual.
Monday through Thursday I didn't really do very much, just general housework and stuff.
Friday was my mam's day off work so I went to visit her and we spentthe day catching up and then went to the Fear and Loathing event, which you can read about here
Saturday was a Charnel House night, funtimes were had :)
Today, well soon I shall be making a nice curry with Kev (as in he's helping, not an ingredient...)

Next week is going to be a busy one though!
Unfortunately there will be no Friday Feature as I will be away Friday- Sunday.


30 Day Challenge Update!

I'm a few photos behind, but don't worry I will upload them tomorrow.
I have begun thinking about my next 30 day challenge, and I have decided to make it music themed, perhaps a song for every day?
Also from now on I will be posting the photograph from the 30 day challenge at the end of posts instead of the start so you don't get a scene angles photo of me in your reader as the preview image every day :)

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