Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Repo! Style profile image.

Today's Tuesday Tutorial uses Photoshop, but it should be quite easy to adapt to other photo editing software if you don't use photoshop.
I was a little inspired by Spoon Graphic's Zombie poster tutorial, which can be found here, that tutorial is a little more advanced than mine though.
Most of my inspiration though came from this poster of Blind Mag from Repo!The Genetic Opera:

I simplified it though for those of you who don't use photoshop a lot, those of you who do I'm sure could work out ways to make your version more like the original.

The first thing you need to do is open a new file, if you want to print the image then set the DPI to 300 and the canvas size to A4 (if you have a large scale printer adjust accordingly).
Set the background colour to a nice bright red (or a different colour if you want, see the end of this post for more inspiration).
Next I took the photo I wanted to use and roughly traced around it with the lasso tool (it needn't be perfect as in the final you'll only be able to see the skin).

I decided I wanted my skin to look a little more ghostlike than Mag's so after I pasted my photo onto a new layer I changed thy layer colour to black and white and then the opacity of that layer down to 35%.

Next to make the skin easier to see I made a new layer and painted a big white shape with a large paint brush all over the areas where there is skin. I then moved the layer under the photo layer.
Next I took a photo I took of some mould spores, pasted into a new layer and then changed the opacity to 25%, this makes the image look slightly grungy.

Next I pasted in my photo again, switched the colours to black and white and clicked the "tint" button, this usually automatically gives the photo a sepia tint, but beside it is a button to change the tint colour, I went for a nice dark green. Next using the magic wand tool I selected and cut out all of the areas covering the skin so that the layers underneath could show through.

Next I made two white rectangles using the shape tool, then using transform I rotated them diagonally.

Finally I added in the text. Again I used the transform tool to rotate it to where I wanted it.
And there you have it.
I'm considering adding the blog address in in the background at some point in the future also.
More inspirations:

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What would you like to see in future Tuesday Tutorials?

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