Thursday, 18 November 2010

Angelic Pretty: Candy Treat

I always find Angelic Pretty prints a little bit "Marmite effect" (you either love them or you hate them, there's is no inbetween), and lately there have been a lot I've loved. This one however?  Oh dear, this one gets a hate from me.

The OP.
OMG jellybeans EVERYWHERE!
I know some of you guys like that, and it looks pretty rockin' on you, but on me? Yeah I'd probably get mistaken for an ageplaer of an accident in a paint factory. The colours just clash so much!
Pretty standard OP shape though.
Admitidly I do quite like the lace though, it's very cute, I just think it would look better with something, less...Well extreme really.
JSK1, standard AP JSK shape. The bow looks kind of clunky. The print looks less clashy in the pink, a little easier on the eyes, still not my thing though.
The bow looks much better on this version IMO, and I really like the frill at the neckline.
To prove that not even the black version calls to me :'(
Seriously though, something about it looks kind of weird shapewise, I hope and pray it's that it has a really weird petti shoved under it :/


And the socks.
Admitadly, I do quite like the socks, I'd quite happily wear them with something else.


What brand is "marmite effect" to you?


Day 5: A song that reminds you of someone special

Makes me think of my Kev :)

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