Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Baby The Stars Shine Bright: Creamy Quartet

I'm pretty sure that Creamy Quartet is not for me, it's far to sweet but I thought Im would still post for the sweets who read my blog.

This is the first version JSK. Pretty bog standard shape, nothing new or spectacular here.
JSK 2 is much cuter in my opinion, it has a shirring panel at the front and the arm straps are a nicer size.

It also has these very cute buttons (ok I admit it, I guess my sweet tooth liked those).

The skirt again doesn't really look to be to spectacular in my opinion, however
It does win some points again for cute details :D

The accessories are a headbow and a bonnet.
As I said, not really my taste and not something I'd ever wear but hopefully some of you like it.


What do you think of Creamy Quartet?


Day 3: A song that makes you sad

I actually don't have the faintest clue why, but it always used to set me off when I was younger.

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