Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Crazy weekend was KER-AYYY-ZEEEEE! part 2

On Saterday I travelled to London with Kev, Ghost and Queenie to see The March Violets!
I have been looking forward to this gig for a long time, and it was well worth the wait!


The train trip down seemed to take quite some time, but I was with some of the best company possible so it became laugh a minute most of the way there.
We stayed in a very scary hotel and on the way there we stopped at a takeaway to get food.
I don't remember the full name of the takeaway, but I do remember part of it was "Star", it was written in the Star Wars font and they do great Falafel, I highly recommend them (they're the patty kind rather than the round and bally type).
As I said, the hotel was kind of scary, I'm used to all hotels in this hotel chain looking pretty much the same as each other, but this one was different...It had awful wallpaper...And tiles with peeling paint...And a shower that the creepy bear could be creepy in...And blood stains on the sheets...
Fortunately we only had to be in the hotel for a few hours and we weren't really there for hotels!

When we got to Islington Academy we found ourselves a good place to stand and grabbed a drink.
Ulterior were ok I guess, I did feel like I'd just walked into an old Sister's of Mercy video however.
There's being influenced by a band and then there's trying to be a band and ending up looking a teensy bit silly and when it's possible to Lucretia My Reflection over the top of one of your songs then I think you fall into the second category.


The March Violets themselves were spectacular.
They came on with blue lights attached to their fingers (which they then threw out into the crowd), and Rosie and Sy came out with gigantic feather headdresses that looked fabulous!
I guess they must have been pretty heavy though because after the first song they took them off and swapped them for a sparkly topper and a bowler hat that had been sitting on sparkly skulls behind them.
I liked the way the set was arranged, and I rather liked how the entire stage was bathed in green light during Grooving in Green (simple things amuse me).
They played two encores, and teased everybody by leaving Snake Dance until the absolute end!


After The March Violets we hung out in a pub with some of Ghost and Marie's friends (Marie and I Para Para danced to Cheryl Cole 0.0), and then too the scenic route to Slimelight.
We drank some Psydwar (my bag smells of it because we decided to keep the bottles), first we saw Black Moth, who I was really impressed with, then went next door to the karaoke room where Kev was the highlight of the night.
Then we went off to watch James Ray, unfortunatly the sound was TERRIBLE and he really suffered for it so we left, Ghost and Marie went back to the Kareoke and I went upstairs with Kev to watch Sigue Sigue Sputnick.
Sigue Sigue Sputnick suffered to, though their problem was their own drunkeness rather than sound, and by the time Faderhead made it to stage it was more like a swimming pool.

Sami wished Kev a Happy Birthday from stage :D
He also managed to get quite a good deal of Vodka on my chest while he was splashing it around from the stage (apparently I wouldn't shut up about this to Queenie later :/ I don't remember this...Ooops).
Again they were great, though slightly less active than the night before (I guess partially down to the stage being flooded).
Overall I had a fabulous night :D


Day 2: A song that makes you happy

So now you know how I got my blog name :)

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