Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Currently on reserve at Victorian Maiden

Flat collar doll dress.
I'm not aawfuly fond of this one, I know Classic Lolita tends to involve less "poof" but I really don't think the top and bottom of the dress go together very well.
Antique Rose Doll Dress

Now this I love (especially in the dark colourways), I'm not usually a fan of florals, but this has just enough flowers balenced out with the blocks of white or black.
Very pretty, very want :)

Classical Doll Dress
Simple, staple, essential Classical Lolita Dress.
I absoloutly love the custom lace on this one, I think it's to die for.
I want this dress just for that.
Hair corsages.
These are super pretty to, but looking at them I'm pretty sure I could make something similar myself for half the price :/


Day 10: A song that describes you.
You know now I think about it, I can't actually think of one since I got all happy and stuff :/

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