Thursday, 25 November 2010

On reserve at Innocent World and print update

Camille Skirt

I really like the design of this one, it's simple, yet beautiful.
I love the detail of the buttons going right around the sides, they're a quirky detail that doesn't spoil the classic style of the skirt.

Night Bear Beret
I love berets and this is no exception.
I love it in the brown colourway, it looks so classy and warm!
The bows are a very cute touch.
Rose Cameo Gloves.
These are beautuiful, and they're made from Angora wool so they're super soft.
I'm pretty sure that I NEED a pair of these in my life :)

Rose Clip Headdress.
I know a lot of western Lolis tend to find these kinds of headresses a little old fashioned, or Ita, but I think with the right kind of accompnying styling they can look very pretty.
I don't think the example head has the right style, however I do see potential in the headdress itself, also the roses are removabble and can be used as standalone hair clips.


Cute food :D How adorable are those Micky Mouse potato shapes???


Some photos of my latest screen prints

Some of those have foils in them and it's kind of hard to take photos of shiny things :/


Day 11: A song by your favourite band,

Ever since I found this song miss tagged as HIM on youtube a few years back I have been in love with this band. I'm not overly fond of their current album but I love their old stuff so much :)
I finally got to see them a few months back at the Mera Luna festival :)

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