Friday, 26 November 2010

New pretties from MAXIXIMAM

Firstly an apology. I had a lot going on this week and wasn't able to sort out a Friday Feature. I will work hard over the weekend so that we can have one for next Friday though.
This coat is GORGEOUS, I think of all of the brand winter coats I have seen so far this year, this is my favourite.
It looks very snggly and warm, and the (hopfully fake!) fur details are adorable.
 Like a lot of the peices I've been lusting after lately the design is simple, yet beautiful.
I really like the dress here, but I think it suffers a llot from bad co-ordination in this photo. The tights look REDICULOUS and I'm not overly fond of the headdress, it kind of looks like some kind of creepy Leg Avenue Halloween costume the way it is presented.
Kind of a shame really.
Again this suffers from a bad photograph, the cardigan itself looks quite pretty, but it looks like they've covered up the fact it's creased by over exposing it.
I tend not to buy heavily photoshopped things because I always fear they are hiding some kind of awful fault.
Seriously, I found these hideous years ago and I still find them hidieous now, clearly some people like them but do they really like them THIS MUCH?
IMO CAT EARS look better than bunny hoodies.
This is so cute :) I love MAXIXIMAM's cute little cat logo, and then it's on a warm fluffy looks scarf to?

I have no idea what is going on with this logo. Is it a killer plant or is it the Cheshire Cat floating above a giant jelly bean???
Now this I get, Alice in Wonderland card designs. It's pretty, but not my cup of Rosie Lea.
This bag is pretty cool, reminds me a little of Emily Strange though.
I like this capelet for similar reasons to the coat at the top of the page, it's simple, beautiful and it looks rather snuggly and warm :)
I think of the two I prefer the coat though.


Day 12: A song by your favourite band 10 years ago

Haha thankfully a lot of things have changed in the past decade!

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