Saturday, 27 November 2010

Art Post: Recent Competition entries

Over the past few days I have been working on some entries into art and design competitions.
The one up top there is for Beta Fashion, who run a design competion for fashion and textile designers every month.
This month's challenge is to design a square silk scarf based around the concept of being able to see music as though you had Synthesia (people who have Synthesia's senses are a little muddled so they can see music and taste colours etc).
This was a bit of a toughie for me, so I decided to try and do something a little bit impressionist and try and make motifs based on genres of music I like.
The fuzzy edged blue at the bottom and the yellow at the top are "soft rock", the crisp, hard edged green is a much heavier metal sound, the random splatterings of red are Punk and the black line work is experamental noise.
I picked such bright colours because I like my music LOUD!
This is Flora, she's my entry into the deviant art lolita fashion challenge
I found out about this contest on EGL, and well it turns out that some of the girls over there tried to give the girl whose running the contest a little bit of help with her deffinition of Lolita and she took it badly.
I figured that if nothing else someone should try and enter something closer to real Lolita than her deffinition out of principle if nothing else, so here is Flora.
I'm a little dissapointed by how shocked she looks and the boobage is a little odd, certainly not my best work, but well, meh I'm still learning with digital figure drawing and any chance for me to practice is helping me learn.
Have you entered any interesting competitions lately?
A song by the last band you went to see

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