Sunday, 28 November 2010

My current Lolita Wishlist and giveaways I've recently entered

I decided to share my current Lolita Wishlist today (well some of it anyway), the top four outfits.

There's some brand, some taobao and some lolible offbrand in there.
So without further ado:

Rose Melody Rozen Maiden JSK and Blouse.
I saw these yesterday and I fell in love with them (not overly keen on the bonnet so I'll just get the JSK and blouse if I get the chance).
I allready have the blue version of the Rosa Crusifx corset dress Rose Melody did as their winter dress last year, and it's pretty fantastic quality so I'd happily order from them again (although this time I plan on being brave and using a shopping service rather than Quitiland).

Gold Lycra tights.
I think a little bit of sparkle would co-ordinate lovely with the sparkle on the dress.
I have trouble with footwear for Lolita, I have big feet (so that rules out most brand and taobao), but I'm also a Vegan so I have to find none leather shoes.
Fortunatly there exists Pleaser, yes most of their shoes are for strippers but every now and then a little gem like these beautiful things appears :)

Surface Spell Catherdral underbust JSK and blouse.
The embroidered pattern on this JSK reminds me a lot of Whitby Abby, very pretty and I think it'd be a pretty cool addition to my Whitby Goth Weekend wardrobe!
As I have said in a previous entry, I think it's pretty clear the design is inspired by Moi Meme Moitie, but I personaly don't see it as being a replica.

Blue stockings (not the red ones, but the photo was attached and photoshop wouldn't open so I could trim it *shakes fist*

I think these would look perfect with the whole outfit.

Alice and the Pirates Carousel Applique head bow and OP (in green)
I fell in love when I saw these a few weeks back.
So warm and yummy looking :D
House of Holland knee high chain socks.

I originally was looking for a pair of green shoes, but I couldn't find any that were the right green, so I think these would go pretty nice with the outfit :)

Wonder Cookie headbow, halter JSK and socks.
I can't help it, I just love Wonder Cookie. I suspect inside me is a Sweet Lolita, usually I can shut her up with alcahol (I jest), but this is just way to beautiful a print in dark blue for me to ignore!
I've seen it pop up a few times on Closet Child but I've not had enough money for it whenever it's been there (soooo frustraiting!).
One day however, it will be mine!
*evil laughter*

These in blue because I just don't do tea parties (hey my inner sweet, isn't that sweet!)




Samispon is giving away:
 W♥C S/S 2010 catalogue and carrier bagW♥C socks!Dolly Wink eyelash storage caseCanmake blush in lollipop pinkOil blotting paper from Japan by Kose
You can enter here:

Finding Tokyo is revealing prizes through December but so far she's giving away:
W♥C bag
Rilakkuma strap!
ParaDo lipgloss

and you can enter that one here:

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