Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Round up: Back to back, all day long printing sessions...

This week has been pretty back breaking for me, very monotonous, but hey sometimes print is, and at least I'm starting to get closer to the results I'm aiming for.

Monday- I was very frustrated to find that I wouldn't be allowed in the print room, and may not be for the rest of the week because my lectuerer had neglected to let the print room know we were supposed to be in there.
I had a pretty much wasted day.

Tuesday- I found we were allowed in the Print Room (thank goodness), so I spent all day printing.
As I said I started getting some really cool results but the screens get a bit heavy after a while.

Wednesday- Ditto, print all day (I also managed to get puff binder on my skirt which looks quite amusing now)

Thursday- I managed to flock my knee, oops! Developed quite a sore back, by this point!

Friday- Day off thank goodness, I really needed it. Actually I ended up asleep for half of it Oooops :/

Saterday- I spent most of the day sewing in the vain hope I'd manage to get home on friday *crosses fingers*

Sunday- I miss lazy Sundays! Been sewing all day again!


Day 14: A song that reminds you of something funny

Reminds me of being on the train back from Whitby next to Grooving in Green (the band) and being totally unable to get Grooving in Green (the song) out of my head!

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