Monday, 29 November 2010


Today I am frustrated by the weather.
University was closed today, so it looks like I will be stuck here an extra week after all.
But still I got some pretty photos of it.


Also here are some links to two more giveaways I've entered

First up is Momo's World where you can win:

2 Hello Kitty Zip lock bags
1 Stich pen
Hello Kitty Stickers
Bath Salts
Nail polish and stickers
Japanese candy
A cosmetics bag
a Usamimi
A Stich clip
A Stich Keychain
A Tokyo Disney bag
A furball phone strap
A Geisha phone strap
A manju phone strap
Lip Gloss
Lip Balm
Hello Kitty Tissues
False Eyelashes
Eye Shadow

You can enter her contest here:

                                                                     momos world

                                       Next up is Lolita and Miscillainity where you can win some very cute letter writing sets


Day 15: A song that you listen to when travelling a lot

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