Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Origami Stars

Today I am going to tell you how to make something that looks super complicated but is actually super easy.
Legend has it if you write a wish inside the paper you make the star with and keep the star safe then your wish will come true!


First of all you're going to need some star paper.
Some craft stores carry this and at certain times of the year Asian supermarkets usually have it.
If you can't find any, you can print some out from the web (although the quality won't be quite the same).
Starry Paper has some great designs.
Or the papercraft section of 4chan often has a lucky star thread, which is where I got this paper:


First of all if you are using printed paper, cut along the black lines so you have paper strips.
Next flip a strip over and write your wish on the back.

Gently tie a knot in the end of your paper ribbon, then flatten it and push the shortest end into the knot.

Now wrap the long end over the side two sides away when going clockwise (sorrry hard to explain), and then repeat until you use up all of the paper.
Tuck the little bit at the very end into the middle of the star (you can cheat and use a little glue if you want).
Next with your fingernail push into the middle of each side to make it pop out.

Now you have a little star :D


Day 16: A song you listen to when you're sad.

For some reason it makes me happy :)

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