Monday, 6 December 2010

*twitch* I'm ok *twitch*

Forgive my absence for the past few days, I have been full of busy.
I have now however managed to finish the five fabrics I needed before I could screen-print my concrete.
(the actual casting itself has been moved back to the beginning of next term because of the weather).
The fabric at the top of the page stands the most chance of being the one that ends up being the design on the concrete, it is a layer of cotton plain weave, sewn (with a Singer Sewing machine from 1904 no less!) onto a piece of cotton jersey (which I was given for free because everybody thought it was hideous) and holes cut through, the print on it is a layer of Puff Binder with a copper foil print over the top.


Here are the other four:

Those also use puff binder and foils on cotton plain weave, but three of them also use black flocking.
I'd really love some constructive crit on these if any of my readers are in the mood (remember that these aren't 
Fashion fabrics, they're closer to art pieces).


While I was in the print room on Friday I found one of my screens from first year waiting in the racks to have the images stripped off.
When I asked how it had managed to survive overt two years without being stripped I found out that it had been being used as a demonstration screen for open days, but that there was a shortage of screens now so it would have to go.
I'm a little sad that it lasted this long and now has to go, but at the same time I'm super proud that they picked my screen to show people how to print.

Also I can see how far I've come in those two years. This is made up from elements of that screen:

It was a mock Children's shirt front from my print project in first year (we did a little bit of everything in first year and got to choose at the end what we wanted to carry on with). I used way to much red ink, as you can see by how much definition I lost in the circles inside the cup, compared to how it looks on the screen and I can't for the life of me understand what possessed me to print the green background lines over the top of the cups and spoons!


Day 17: A song that reminds you of a great holiday

If you're not into the Lady Gaga covers then skip to around 5 minutes in and give Last Words a listen :)

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