Monday, 1 November 2010

Duck, duck, duck, VAMPIRE!

The Chandelier in The Res

I have returned!
First thing's first, happy Halloween everybody, and for the Pagans out there, happy new year :)
Secondly, you may remember I said that I was going to go and see Saw 3D on Thursday?
Well, I did, and I liked it, but I didn't like it as much as the others and I don't think they really utilised the 3D very well (although I did duck when the saw is being thrown across the room at the end).


From Friday until this morning I was in Whitby, for the famous Goth weekend.
I have been once before, I went to the April event, but the one in October is bigger.
This time Kev and I stayed with our friends Meg and Panzer, and their friends Roy (who is a Magician!), Sylvia, Mark and Michelle.
Sylvia, Panzer, Meg, Roy, Michelle, Kev and me before Sexy Sunday

On Friday night Kev and I went to Raw for Wasteland, it was a good night, we both did some dancing. It was a little bit like Charnel House, but in a bigger venue and with better wallpaper.
Mirrored Flock is sexy love <3

Saturday, we looked around the Gothic market stalls in The Leisure Centre and the Spa (didn't get time to have a look at the Steampunk market in the Rifle Club).
Two of my fiends had stalls in the Leisure Centre this time, Queenie from Forever in Black 

And Penny Dreadful from Eccentricitea
(I promised not to caption this one "Penny's cups!" :D )

Unfortunately I didn't have any spending money this time (boo!), but hopefully next time I will have :)
That night we went to the Rifle Club for a night of Steampunk!
I didn't take any photos of the first band, Last July (I had a few camera issues on Saturday night).
I wasn't really all that keen on their sound myself, but you can't like everybody I suppose, and other people seemed to like them.
They were followed by the fabulous Alice Moving Under Skies

Who were amazing as always, despite Penny's sore throat.
They played a lot of the stuff I know and love (Dear Faith, Thirteen Years, Fighting For Strangers etc), but they also played a few new tracks, including "Bloodmyer" (inspired by my best friend of the same name), unfortunately my camera crapped out halfway through it so I only have half a recording of it, however if you're curious there is a recording that someone else took of them playing it here.

Finally the headliners were The Men Who Would Not Be Blamed For Nothing.
I'd heard their name batted around a few times before, but I'd never actually heard them before.
I was really not expecting that kind of sound!
I suppose they could be described as very Metal Victorian Gents (Gent Metal?).
I was super duper impressed, unfortunately, no photos yet (there might be a couple I took with Kev's camera).

Also on Saturday I saw the most beautiful dress in the world ever:

Is that not the most fantastic outfit you ever saw?
She is Olivia Barnard-Firth, The Wicked Lady, from The Beautiful Deadly Children, who are another band I've heard of but not actually listened to yet (I really must though, it's rude to squee at someone's clothing and not listen to their band!)

On Sunday we all went out for Sunday dinner together, mine was a red pepper stuffed with wild mushroom risotto.
(I love mushrooms to start with, but wild mushrooms are a rare and delightful treat mmmmmmmm)
Then Kev, Michelle, Mark and I went to the Res and met Beth to watch the football.
I am a Sunderland supporter, Kev is a Newcastle supporter (well nobody is perfect ;) ) and we had joked that this match would cause our first argument (we have been together a year and a half now and never had a single argument), but nope no arguments :)
I was sorely disspointed by how poorly my team played (the final score was 5-1 to Newcastle), but well, we'll get 'em next time!

After that we all headed back to the flat and chilled out for a bit before getting ready for Sexy Sunday.
This time's Sexy Sunday was Vampire themed, so there were a lot of fangs and fake blood about.
The music played was pretty cool (bands such as Killing Miranda, The Sisters of Mercy, Apoptgyma Beserk,  Nine Inch Nails, Morttis and Bahaus to name but a few), and I did quite a lot of dancing (at some point the battery ran out in my left shoe though...I was wearing a pair of Pleaser pole dancing shoes with light up skull shapes in the heels).

This morning seemed to come far to early, it half seemed like we'd only just got there and off we were again packing to go home, oh well.
I had fun and hope to do it again sometime :)
(maybe next time I'll finally make it up to the abbey!)

Day 12: A weird 90's hairstyle I never did find the name of.
I still don't know the name, but basically you twist sections of your hair and then pin it.

Day 14: A Hime Hairstyle
I totally failed at the plaits and backcomb so I ended up skipping that one. I wasn't able to curl my hair so mine is a straighter version than most. I got quite a few compliments for this one :)


Today's question:

What did you do for Halloween?

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