Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Nazis in my Lolita???

Metamorphose seem to have created somewhat of a fuss with their latest design (although judging by the apology statement, they seem to have withdrawn the line)

Personally I understand how it has upset some people, but I myself don't share in the outrage.

I do see the Nazi influence in the logo on the hat, but other than that and maybe the eye-patch in the black version I see more of a Soviet influence in this. I didn't look at the whole outfit image and think "OMG THEY MADE LOLITA NAZIS REAL!", I thought, "Oh Soviet influence" until I saw the hat.
Even so, I can't really complain as I own this T-Shirt:

Which also features a similar eagle motif on the flags.
People have been using Nazi motifs on not Nazi clothing for years now.

Siouxsie Sioux often wore an unaltered Swastika during the early days of punk.
"..."The culture around then," she explains, "it was Monty Python, Basil Fawlty, Freddie Starr, The Producers- 'Springtime For Hitler'." She kicks out her leg in a mock goosestep. "It was very much Salon Kitty. It was used as a glamour thing. And you know what?" she sighs." I have to be honest but I do like the Nazi uniform. I shouldn't say it but I think it's a very good-looking uniform."..." (click for interview)

I have to say, I agree with her. The actual Nazi uniform was a very good looking uniform, and so it should be, it was designed by Hugo Boss!

I have the opinion that yes the Nazi were one of the most horrific marks on the pages of history and yes Hitler was a maniac, but a cut of clothing is not to blame for that, and it would be a shame to see that dissapear forever because of them.

Another point I'd like to raise:
If it's not ok to wear things inspired by Nazi uniforms, why is it ok to dress as a pirate?
Pirates were not the romanticised "Jack Sparrow's" or "Captain Blood's", they were (and still are in parts of the world), ruthless criminals.
Francois L'Ollonais  had entire towns full of people tortured and murdered for his own amusement.
Why is it ok to wear Tudor style clothing?
Mary Tudor is estimated to have had 300 people executed and 800 people exiled because they were Protestant. (link).
Roman style elements come into fashion every few ears (usually during the summer), The Roman Empire concered much of Europe, Africa and Asia, killing and enslaving anybody who fought back. 
In 64 AD, under their then Emperor Nero, they began an attempt to wipe out the Christians.
Their symbol was an Eagle, and they reputedly served as a great inspiration to Hitler. 
None of these people killed quite as many as the Nazis, but does that  mean that if someone more tyrannical came along and wiped out even more people it would then be ok to wear clothing inspired by the Nazis?
Is it because all of these other people were longer ago, so it becomes ok to romanticise them because nobody remembers them personally?

Personally I quite like the Meta outfit, although I do think it looks a bit costumey to be Lolita, and I don't think it's something I could see myself wearing as an every day thing, although it would be quite cool to wear to a Hanzel Und Gretyl gig.


What are your opinions on Meta's faux paux?
Do you have a similar opinion to mine or do you disagree completely?
(I know this is quite a controversial topic so I'm going to ask that everybody tries to respect one another, no flaming lease, lets be adults about this).

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