Wednesday, 3 November 2010

John Galliano Spring 2011

John Galliano is one of my favourite fashion designers, you can see video of his Spring 2011 collection on his website (I'd recommend you have the sound on for full effect, he always has amazing music..."The Man Who Sold the World" given the classical treatment? Yes please!).
I decided to do a mini feature and picked two of my favourite outfits and two of my least favourite.
The first image up at the top of the screen is my absolute favourite of the whole show.
I love the glamerousness of the dress combined with the scarf, I love the dress in general actually and I can see myself wearing something similar (though I'll wear a slip under mine, the world does not need to see my bum when I turn around).

This one on the other hand I find kind of boring, and I think the shoes contrast to much (I'd wear the shoes with something else hough, pretty shoes).

This one, I like. I'm not overly fond of the socks, but I love the shoes. I like the odd combination of the sailor top and the floaty skirt, and I love the innocence the look is given with the school girl plaits.

I love the hat in the one (I must have it), infact I like all of the elements individually, but I just don't like them together.


Today's question:

Who inspires you with fashion at the moment?

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