Saturday, 6 November 2010

Obsessive Compulsive on Thursday, Dressed to Kill on Friday

On Thursday I went to see Obsessive Compulsive at Hym in Newcastle (unfortunately I'm made of fail and didn't get any photos of them).
I first saw Obsessive Compulsive a few months back at Trashstock in Nottingham, and loved them
there but they had a really short set :(
I was delighted to hear that they would be playing for longer at Hym.
Seeing them do a full set this time was really awesome, but I'm starting to think they might be, you know, to good because it still didn't feel like long enough.
I'd totally recomend this band to anybody who likes the Distillers because they have a similar sound, but without being a carbon copy.


Friday was an odd one!
I went out with my mam (something we've been doing quite a bit lately, how lucky am I? My mam is super cool :) ).
We went out to go see Dressed To Kill, a KISS tribute band at Legends(also in Newcastle), followed by the Hellfire club night, but really strange things distracted us on the way!

Like this giant inflatable lobster!

Awww he looks so sad half deflated like that :'(

The statue in Trillians's new wig and glasses (bad photo I'm sorry).

Santa made from Lego!

Aaaaaaaaaaand Santa's workshop!

When we did finally get to Legends I discovered that my shoes disagreed with the floor (it's sticky, my shoes stuck to the floor and my feet kept walking 0_o).

I saw the real KISS at the beginning of the Summer (to be perfectly honest, I'm not all that keen on their music, but it was a seriously good show!), so I went in assuming that a tribute band would be a bit lame.
How wrong I was, they were fantastic, a very close second to the real KISS!
They even had fire...In Legends! YAY FIRE!

My mam is a massive KISS fan (she went to see them when she was pregnant with me, she also went to see The Mission, therefore I am more rock and more Goth than you'll ever be ;) ), and she seemed to enjoy herself, and was incredibly happy when I suddenly dived to the ground and picked up a plectrum for her (they glow in the dark! wooo!).
All in all a fabulous night was had :D

Disqus seems to have fixed the comment problems, I managed to get some comments yesterday, woo and or hoo!


Day 16: Your favourite hair accessories
Day 17: Your favourite hairstyle
Day 18: Your hair with falls
Day 19: Your hair with Princess Leia buns

I still haven't done the rag curls, but I will get around to it. I wasn't able to do the Leia buns correctly either because I don't have enough hair yet :(


Today's question:

What is your opinion on Tribute acts? Do you find them good for almost getting the experience of seeing a band that you can't, or do you find them a bit pointless?

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