Sunday, 21 November 2010


Bloodmyer in her Lady Gaga inspired outfit that she wore to last night's Charnel House to help raise money for Breast Cancer Charities.


This week has been so busy, it's exhasted me! And there is a busier one to come!

Monday- I raced up from home to get back to uni for my afternoon lecture...EXHASTING! Lol, my own fault though.

Tuesday- I polished up and finished my artwork for my print screens.

Wednesday- I spent all day transfering my artwork to Kodatrace, pulling all of the muscles in my back and neck :s

Thursday- I spent the morning making up my screens (three of them) and in the afternoon I did my first set of prints from each of them, keep an eye out for some real photos on Tuesday, but here's some previews for now:
Friday- I travelled home. I managed to pull most of the muscles in my arms and and legs carrying screens around on Thursday.

Saterday- Was the first Charnel House in the new venue Barkollo, it also happened to be Bloodmyer's charity fundraising day. A few of the Charnel regulars have mentioned that she looks a little bit like Lady Gaga, so she decided to wear a somewhat Gaga inspired outfit to convince people to donate.
I couldn't resist snapping a photo of her with Kev after his performance in Slimelight last weekend.
I dub this picture "SQUEE!"
Barkollo is amazing, and if you're ever in the area I seriously reccomend you give it a try.
Delicious food, open fires and Gothic Cocktails (made especially for us!), I think Lillith's Blood was my favourite, it was cherry red, involved cherry liquer, rassberry liquer and red Absinthe!
It was super cool having two different rooms of music aswell :)

Sunday- EEK! I miss my lazy Sundays!
I had to run around and pack things so I could come back to Galashiels today instead of having to panic rush up tommorow.


Day 7: A song you like to dance to.


So what have you done with your week?

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