Monday, 22 November 2010

Angelic Pretty: Holy Night Story

I first got a glimpse of Holy Night story back in this post, but now it's up on the Angelic Pretty website.
The design comes on one OP, three JSKs, a skirt, a bow, socks and a bonnet.
This print has actually grown on me quite a lot, and I do think now that I will be wishlisting it in some form.

I love the lace up detail on the OP, it's quite an unusual feature and it rocks in my opinion.
This is my favourite of the JSKs. I'm very much lusting over this in navy blue.
It's just...Spectacular!
Just take a look at that spectacular, military inspired details at the top of the JSK, is that not some of the most beautiful detail you've seen from a Lolita brand in quite some time?
The other two JSKs are pretty standard JSK shapes.
This is the lace trim for Holy Night Story.
It's not as fancy as some of the recent AP lace, but I think the simplicity works quite well with such a busy print.
Again the hair accesories are pretty standard fair. I'm not really a fan of bonnets, but I might consider one with this print :)

The socks are I think some of my favourite brand socks that I've seen this year!

Overall I really like the Holy Night Story series.


What is your opinion of Holy Night Story?


Day 8: A song that reminds you of a family member.

Ready to go reminds me of quite a lot of my family memebers actually. Well the women of the family anyways.
We're all big football (soccer) fans, and we all support Sunderland, Republica's Ready To Go used to be played at the beggining of each home match.


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