Sunday, 12 December 2010

Arty Flashbacks; Geisha Geek

Yesterday I got my first ever Loli_valentines. I know who it was from (not telling though as they're supposed to be secret!), I wasn't expecting it but I was super happy when I scrolled down the page and found it :)
The photo she used isn't of me in Lolita, instead she went for a photo from the very first project I did at university, and as I've never talked about it before, I thought I'd explain it to you today.

In Freshers Week, we were put into groups of four so that we could all get to know eachother a little better and we were given a challenge.
The challenge was to make an outfit from recycled materials (we were allowed to spend £5 on new things, my group bought the parasol handle and a Puca notebook), and it had to fit into one of five themes (Geisha Geek, Space Odessa, and I don't remember the other three).
We were sponsored by The Southern Enquirer (who did an article which they put online here, unfortunately they didn't put the photographs online that they had in the paper). so we had to involve some of their newspapers somehow.

The group I was in was quite interested in the Space theme, until I pulled out my book collection... FruitsFRESH FRUITSGothic and Lolita and The Tokyo Look Book: Stylish To Spectacular, Goth To Gyaru, ,Sidewalk To Catwalk, all of which feature inspiring images of people wearing the creations of Takuya Angel.

We were pretty inspired and set about makng something inspired by Takuya Angel, that had something of all of us in it and a whole issue of the Southern Reporter!
I spent five hours making tinfoil and Quality Street wrappers into Kanzashi, another girl made the bin bag Kimono, another made the newspaper and button bustle (RUFFLE BUTT!), and the final girl made the fabulous parasol ( she had a glue gun so it had to be her really!).
Even though it's not exactly wearable, I still love it, and it reminds me of the fun we all had in that first week. :)


Have you ever made anything strange with a group of people?


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