Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Narnia and the north! (also artsy things!)

On Monday I fulfilled a childhood dream.
I visited Narnia.
Well as close as I'll ever get anyway.
It turns out 3D is better if you sit in the middle :)
Well anyhow, I loved Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I highly recommend it.


Yesterday I went over to Bloodmyer's house so we could get started on some skirts we are making.
Before I got there though I swung by Eye Of the Fly, the charity art project where she works to take a look at their sewing machines that weren't working.
The following may be classified as pornography to the tailors who follow this blog:
 Yes, that's right, it's a century old Singer sewing machine.
I am a goddess among men!
Actually all that was wrong with it was that there was a huge (and I mean HUGE) knot of threads under the feed dogs, took me about 30 seconds to fix once I managed to get the plate off (it was a but stiff at one side).
Anyhow after that we went back to hers and got started on our skirts.
We managed to get the patterns made up quite quickly (it was pretty awesome seeing Bloodmee's look of "Pattern block WTF man?" turn into "Ooooh actualy this is kind of easy!"), cut and pinned our pieces and after Christmas we're hoping to get them finished and  start on our next skirts :)


Have you ever fixed something old easily?


Day 20:  A great cover version

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