Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What I've been doing over the last week or so

I haven't been blogging very much lately. I have been so busy with the holidays I've hardly had a moment to blog!
I have been doing lots of blogable things though, and taking lot of pictures, so I thought I'd do a little round up post to keep you guys interested while I flap around like a headless chicken trying to find wrapping paper!
(one doth apologise for my derp face in this one)

Last Saturday was the Charnel House Christmas Party, and I decided to pin curl my hair. To stop the weather killing it in one fell moisture filled swoop, I went to Barkollo with 150 pins in my hair (pin head!), and let the curls out when I got there.
I also wore the dress from this post I made on Sew_loli last week. I decided to wear the dress in it's unaltered form one last time to make sure I definitely wanted to alter it.
I do.
Also in that photo you can sort of see the beautiful headdress Queenie made for me as my Christmas present :)


On Sunday, Tia took Queenie and I to the visitor centre in Gateshead to see their small art show on The Snow Queen.
The visitor centre is in what used to be St Mary's church, and it has some very old gravestones around it.
Bird footprints, cute huh?
This was my favourite part of the Snow Queen display.
Queenie took this photo of me sitting in the Snow Queen's throne.
If anybody is interested in seeing the rest of my photos from the Snow Queen's palace I'll be uploading them to my Facebook like page in an album called "extra extra" shortly.


On Monday night, I went over to see my mam and have an "Our friend Jack and snack!" night.
These are nights that happen once in a blue moon when I go visit my mother, we watch a film, drink some Jack Daniels and eat some snack foods.


Yesterday I spend the day hanging out with my mam again, we watched more films, ate more snack foods (hey I need some saturated fatty badness to get through gigs sometimes! The one time I didn't gorge beforehand I almost passed out), no more Jack though (I'm not a fan of liver replacements so I tend to try and stick to the recommended guidelines for alcohol) .
Later on after all of the unhealthylicious nom, films and girly chatter I went to see Ginger and Friends, supported by The Eureka Machines and Supercharger.
I managed to completely fail to take any photos of Ginger, but that up there ^ is Supercharger and this is The Eureka Machines:
And also a sign with bad grammar, it reads "Santa I've been a good girl please stop".
Please stop what one wonders?
All in all it was a great gig,  almost didn't go, but I'm actually pretty glad I did.
Out of the three bands I did prefer The Eureka Machines over Ginger, but all three were pretty spectacular.
Kev bought their album, and since he's borrowing my ipod while his is being repaired I'm hoping it will end up on there :)
Also we both got a photo each with Chris Catalyst and his bottle of IRN BRU!
Well I've just been attempting housework.


So what have you guys been up to while I've been AWOL?


Day 21: A song that should never be covered

Seriously, I love this song. Every cover version ever sounds like it came straight from hell itself, didn't pass go and didn't collect $200.

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