Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Gifts :)

This year I bought more gifts for people than ever, and I got some awesomely nice things back :)
The choker up at the top was a gift from Kev, and made by my friend Queenie from Forever in Black.
It's a cameo design with a skeletal lady replacing the usual er...Um...Fleshy one!
The next gift is a classical Lolita headdress that is my gift from Queenie excuse the kitty paw, Stirfry wanted to play), I actually got this a little bit before Christmas, and you can see it "in action" so to speak, in the previous post on top of my pin curled hair.

I was given a set of relaxing lavender bath goodies by Kev's family.
I love lavender and I needed some bath supplies so I'm super chuffed with these!
I can see myself re-using the box to, I'm not sure what for yet though.
From my family I got "Mrs Fry's Diary" which I plan on reading very soon (I will let you know if it's as interesting as it sounds).
And (excuse my derpyness) a Snuggie!
It's so snuggly and warm :D
I also got some cash which I will be using part of for this dress:
The embroidery will be purple so I can wear my choker with it.

I'm very happy and grateful for my presents this year, and I'm very happy that my first Christmas day spent away from my parents house went so well :)


How did your Christmas go?


Day 22: A song you hate

To be fair it's more that the video CREEPS THE SHIT out of me than song hate (though I'm not a fan of Metallica, I prefer Beatallica).

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