Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Sponsored Posts

I've decided to do a few sponsored posts here and there and I decided to let my readers (that's you guys) know first incase anybody objected.
I have some promises to you all about my sponsored posts.
Firstly sponsored posts will no take over my entire blog, I will do one, maybe two per week at the most and when I am back to being in a position to blog every day these will not count as my daily posts, these will be extra entries.
It's not my attention to divert away from my regular content (if you think I'm starting to then let me know).
I will NEVER give a good review to a bad product, that is my number one promise.
Wherever possible Sponsored Posts will relate to my blog themes (Fashion/ arts/ music).
I'm not magic, therefore I can't review any products I've not used before, I guess this point is more for readers who may be interested in having me review their product. Anyhow if you are interested in having me review your  product I'll usually need a sample of it. You can contact me at random_havok@hotmail.co.uk (please put "Sponsored Posts" in the subject line so I don't think it's a Nigerian scam email and delete it).
This DOES NOT MEAN that all of my review posts will be paid reviews, I will still continue to write reviews of products that I buy myself anyway.
Finally sponsored posts will all begin with the line "This post sponsored by *company name*".
I know it's not going to make me a millionaire, but I am trying to save my cash towards setting up my own business at the moment so every little helps right now.
Again if anybody has any questions of concerns then leave me a comment and I will feedback to you :)


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