Thursday, 30 December 2010

Encyclopaedia Britannica

This post sponsored by Encyclopaedia Britannica.


When I was a little girl my Parents and my Grandparents did there best to make sure I got the best start educationally (the educational system in the UK had just been changed around and they were worried that I might suffer because of it), and one of the things they did for me is get at least one educational gift for me each Christmas and birthday.
One of the best gifts I ever got was a full set of the Britannica Student Encyclopaedia.
It was an amazing resource for me as a child, and I'm pretty sure I read each one cover to cover so many times that at one point I'd have been able to quote huge chunks of them.
The main Encyclopaedia Britannica is one of the oldest and most concise encyclopaedias in the world, these days a full one is 32 volumes long, you'll need a huge shelf to put them all on, but it's worth it.
Of course these days, if you don't have a shelf big enough for 32 volumes there's the online edition, which you can get a free trial of by clicking here.
The online edition comes in four different versions:
  1. The Library Version-  Satisfy the learning and research needs of all public library users with three age related information areas, making the Library Edition easy-to-use for everyone.
  2. The School Version- Make lessons exciting and inspirational with over 46,000 graphics, more than 4,000 videos, plus audio clips, interactive games and quizzes

  3. The Academic version- Britannica's vast, accurate and up-to-date resources are ideal for quick searches, homework and in-depth research.
     4.   The Consumer Edition- (the one the trial is for) which also includes a dictionary, thesaurus and world atlas.

So what are you waiting for? Save your shelf space and give Britannica online a go!

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