Thursday, 27 January 2011

Finished skirt photos :)

As promised yesterday here are the photos of my finished skirt and almost finished headbow (I didn't have a clip for the back of it so I McGyvered it in with a safety pin for the photo).
My apologies for looking slightly demonic in this one, my red eye remover REFUSED to work boo-urns.

I'll do a proper co-ordinate soon :)
I actually had an idea for a co-ord that isn't strictly Lolita that I may do and post to Daily_Alamode.
Anyhow you can see my sew_loli post about this skirt and headbow here (there's some detail shots of the zip and the waistband if you're interested in that kind of thing).


Day 6: A picture of the perfect outfit (underwear)

I'm really into cami tops at the moment, they're really comfortable under a corset where a underwired bra usually the wires irritate me :/

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