Wednesday, 26 January 2011



Today as you may have guessed I used my henna on my hair.
It actually looks a little more red, and slightly less orange in real life, I really like it.
Today I also finished off my tartan Lolita skirt and a headbow to go with it, I don't have photographs yet though because the natural light had faded by the time I finished, but I will hopefully take some tommorow :)
Yesterday I went fabric shopping with Queenie and Tia, got some very nice checked fabric, a fabric with skulls and blue roses on it and two loliable blouse patterns.
Later on we met up with Bloodmyer and went to see Black Swan.
It's a pretty damn amazing film, the plot twists and turns all over the place, it's far from "just a film about ballet and lesbians", it has a lot of layers to it, as an added bonus there are also some fantastic costumes.
I really want a new Tiara (my old one broke and Stirfry stole it lol)!
So yeah, short post is short, better one tommorow :)

Day 5: A picture of the perfect outfit (outerwear)

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